What keeps our token flowing?

According to Kirk McDonald Chief Marketing Officer they see a ten fold increase in their return on advertising spend when using first party data (what they know about their clients) versus when they use third party data.

Our tockenomics is built on rewards and users:

  • Agencies & Advertisers can only use the data segments we build from your opted in data by using DCT tokens.
  • Agencies & Advertisers will receive a discount on the ad tech fees by paying for their advertising in DCT tokens.
  • Direct relationship advertisers can receive a higher payment for their ad space by accepting payment in DCT tokens.
  • Users who choose to share their data with us receive payment in DCT tokens, they can swap, hold or sell their tokens. They will also have the ability later to swap their tokens for other goods & services like Netflix membership.
  • Our annual rewards to DCT token holders is based on company performance & will be in DCT tokens meaning we may have to go to the exchange to purchase tokens for this.

DCT Tokenholders Benefits

The benefits & uses of being a DCT Token holder depend on who you are, we view the main benefits as follows by category:

For Individuals

  • In the future you will be able to swap DCT Tokens for other goods & services in the future.
  • Holding DCT tokens will allow you to take part in our annual performance distribution enabling you to receive more tokens.
  • Able to buy, sell, swap and exchange DCT tokens as you see fit through Bancor, private agreements or through other exchanges as they are on-boarded.

For Agencies & Advertisers

  • Receive a discount on your programmatic display & video ads through the use of DCT tokens.
  • Access user opted in data for your marketing campaigns, fully GDPR compliant via DCT tokens.
  • Participate in our annual performance distribution allows advertisers & agencies the abilities to share in our success, earning them further DCT tokens.
  • Use your DCT tokens through Programmis – Data Choice to pay for other marketing services.

How does Data Choice make money

Data Choice makes money from advertisers & agencies using our technology to serve people ads across the internet.

Within programmatic there are Ad Tech fees these are percentages that are deducted form the clients advertising spends to cover the platform and company costs. These can be as high as 50% from some programmatic suppliers.

We will charge an Ad Tech fee of 15% for clients wishing to manage their own campaigns and 20% if they wish us to manage them. This is the most the cost will be however it can go down if they choose to use DCT tokens as their payment method.

User Data – the data that users choose to share with us is segmented into pool ie people aged 25 – 29. This allows specific enough data to make marketing successful without them being able to know its Mr Smith they are targeting. In programmatic advertisers pay for this data on a CPM (Cost Per Mille) basis, which can range from $0.25 to $1.75 depending on the segment. We don’t intend to make any money from this aspect initially as we will be putting all of the tokens received for the data back into acquiring more user data.

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