The Problem

Internet Users



No control on what personal data of yours is used online for marketing

No choice on what companies can use it or how it is used for digital marketing

No benefit to you in your data being used

Lack of trust in 3rd party data – there are more profiles to target for people wanting to buy cars in America than there are people in the USA. One data provider this year had to delete over 400 million profiles it discovered were bots

Lack of transparency, there has been an increasing voice to make programmatic more transparent. Advertisers deserve to know where their marketing $ goes

Accessibility is an issue in programmatic where a lot of agencies and advertisers don’t get direct access to programmatic technology

Lack of control online has been an issue – we have all heard about ads appearing online next to inappropriate content. Yet there is still a lack of control of where your ads appear online with some technologies

Lack of revenues received for the digital inventory. This is their life blood and pays for the content, news and entertainment we all enjoy online today for free

With some programmatic partners taking ad tech fees as high as 50% and reports of some as high as 70%. The website owners aren’t being fairly rewarded for their content.

The Solution

Internet Users



We will allow you to pick and choose the data you are happy to share and what you would rather keep private

Choose the type of ads you want to see. Happy to see ads about, cars, travel and shopping great! Don’t want to see ads for dating and gambling, no problem! The choice is yours.

Our users are rewarded for sharing your data, the more you share the more you earn. You can earn further rewards for adding later to your interests and by taking part in our ad surveys

Lack of trust in 3rd party data -our user opted data and are verified humans meaning bot profiles can’t exist

All ad tech fees are clear meaning advertisers know where their budget is going

We will provide free access to all advertisers and agencies meaning without any minimum spend requirements

Controlling where your ads appear is fundamental our integrations with some of the leading brand safety technologies means your brand is safe online

We love publishers without them there would be nowhere to show our ads. We will reward direct publishers with higher premiums when they accept our DCT tokens

Our low ad tech fees means more ads are delivered for the same budget, which increases campaign performance which makes advertisers willing to pay more for their ads CPM

AD Fraud

Ad Fraud costs the programmatic industry over $16 billion a year – roughly $45 million every day.

  1. Our ad surveys will use machine learning algorithms to identify suspicious sites which will allow us to help lower ad fraud with intuitive black listing of suspicious sites.
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